Services and Programs

"Do the best that you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better."                                                                                                               -Maya Angelou

Umoja Health, Wellness and Justice Collective offers a multifaceted system of supports to address the complex mental health and substance misuse issues in our community, especially among Black and Latine communities.  All services are culturally-aligned and trauma-informed. 

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Rebuilding through Healing

This group is for anyone who has experienced harm or noticed these red flags in their intimate partner relationships including:

  • - physical harm

  • - worries that physical harm may happen

  • - money struggles due to your partner

  • - controlling partners

  • - loss of contact with friends and family           because of a controlling partner

  • - verbal harm and name calling

  • - other behaviors that make you worry about  your safety, the safety of your children and the health of your relationship

  • This class required registration.

Foundations for Healing

This support group is open anyone seeking understanding and healing for themselves, their partners and their families due to harm they have caused through:

  • physical acts of aggression and violence, whether or not charges were sought

  • controlling, jealous or possessive behaviors

  • thoughts that your relationship is heading in an unhealthy direction.

Many people who struggle in their relationships are unaware of how past traumas have affected their current state. Understanding the link between trauma and conflict, violence, and anger is key to the healing process.


This class will give you a good understanding of how you got where you are so you can hold yourself accountable for the harm you have caused and begin to heal yourself and your relationships. Tools to support healthy relationships and build resilience will be shared.

This class required registration.

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HOPE 4 the Future

Umoja's HOPE (Healing Our Past Experiences) 4 the Future is a free after school and summer camp for school aged children and teens. It provides a safe space for youth to gather, unpack and begin healing from trauma through the Arts.


This program is trauma-informed, culturally aligned and knows that by reaching these youth now, they are more likely to avoid maladaptive ways of coping later on. The youth get snacks, homework tutoring and opportunities for dance, making beats in the studio and access to the weight room. 

All after school and summer camps require registration by a parent or guardian.